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Glow Wellness And Herbs: Solle Naturals Herbal Supplements

All Products Support Digestive and Circulatory Health

100% Plant Based No Preservatives or Pasteurization Gluten and Casein Free

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​Nutritionally dense supplements with unique adaptogenic properties. Consistent use will result in greater overall wellness and maximum longevity

Solle Vital® - Energizing • Alkalizing • Detoxing
SolleFlex PI® - Pain • Inflammation • Anti-Oxidant 
SolleFlex AC™ - Inflammation • Skin Conditioner • Anti-Microbial
AdaptAble® - Stress • Mood • Immunity 
SolleEssentials Balance - Harmonizes • Reduces Inflammation • Anti-Viral 


​Naturally stimulate the body and mind to provide increased energy, vitality and productivity.

CinnaMate® - Stamina • Weight Management • Blood Sugar Management
SolleComplete® - Plant-Based Protein • Fiber Blend • Overall Wellness
(Gluten Free, Grain Free, Dairy Free, Soy Free)
SolleEssentials Lift®
- Energy • Mood • Blood Sugar Management


​Specially formulated to provide increased mental acuity, sharper focus, and enhanced physical regeneration.

ProBio IQ® - Multi-strain Probiotics - Mood Enhancement - Memory 
SolleMegas® - Cholesterol • Brain Health • Skin Health
Solle Excell® - Clarifying • Antioxidant • Glandular Support
​AmiTox DC
® - Deep Clarifying Mind Body Detox
SolleEssentials Clarify® - Respiration • Nervous System • Insect Repellent 


​Nutritional support to deal with everyday stressors that can cause mental anxiety, physical unease and weakened immunity.

Verdezyme® - Digestion • Calming • GI Tract Support
ReNūe® - Stress Relief • Sleep Aid • Rejuvenate • Refocus

SolleEssentials Calm®
-Headaches/Migraines • Sleep • Anxiety

Glow Wellness & Herbs

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